"Lost in Deutschland" vorher

Dieses Blog begann auf Deutsch - im Archiv befinden sich eine ganze Reihe von Texten über das Engländersein in Deutschland - von 2008 bis 2011 sortiert. 2008-2009 wurden zudem Video-Berichterstattungen auf Deutsch zum Thema hier veröffentlicht.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Germany: A Travellers' Anthology

To all those of you who were enjoying the extracts I'd found about Germany, I do apologise for the fact that I haven't posted any since the autumn.

There is, however, a reason for this that will be of interest to the aforementioned avid readers of literature in English about Germany: and that reason is that I am now producing a book of these extracts.

Slated for late 2012-early 2013, the book will contain some 80-90 extracts by various writers and literary persons, some more well known than others, from over five centuries: starting with an extract from the 1590s and going all the way through to 2011, I'll be presenting to you a selection of texts that show just how much the perception of Germany has changed in the English-speaking world - and just how much has stayed the same.

I'll be publishing with the good folks at Signal Books and as soon as I have exact information (lists of extracts, number of pages, the price...), you'll be the first to know.