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Dieses Blog begann auf Deutsch - im Archiv befinden sich eine ganze Reihe von Texten über das Engländersein in Deutschland - von 2008 bis 2011 sortiert. 2008-2009 wurden zudem Video-Berichterstattungen auf Deutsch zum Thema hier veröffentlicht.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Germany: A Travellers' Anthology

To all those of you who were enjoying the extracts I'd found about Germany, I do apologise for the fact that I haven't posted any since the autumn.

There is, however, a reason for this that will be of interest to the aforementioned avid readers of literature in English about Germany: and that reason is that I am now producing a book of these extracts.

Slated for late 2012-early 2013, the book will contain some 80-90 extracts by various writers and literary persons, some more well known than others, from over five centuries: starting with an extract from the 1590s and going all the way through to 2011, I'll be presenting to you a selection of texts that show just how much the perception of Germany has changed in the English-speaking world - and just how much has stayed the same.

I'll be publishing with the good folks at Signal Books and as soon as I have exact information (lists of extracts, number of pages, the price...), you'll be the first to know.


click clack gorilla said...

ooo congrats!

Michael said...

Hi, interesting post particularly the part about how the perspectives of Germany in English has changed over the centuries. I'll confess to something I'm addicted to those infographics (visual representations of concepts or statistics) and I'd be interested to know if you will be giving a summary of this book you mention. It would be great to visually plot the changing opinions you spoke about, attributing them to particular events which correlated to this change in perspective. OK, I'll put my excitable imagination to bed now but I look forward to hearing more about the fruits of your labour soon :) cheers.