"Lost in Deutschland" vorher

Dieses Blog begann auf Deutsch - im Archiv befinden sich eine ganze Reihe von Texten über das Engländersein in Deutschland - von 2008 bis 2011 sortiert. 2008-2009 wurden zudem Video-Berichterstattungen auf Deutsch zum Thema hier veröffentlicht.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Book update & new video series

For those of you anxiously waiting for details about the new book, "Germany: A Travellers' Anthology"*, I have some good and some bad news.

Bad news first: it's taking a little longer than expected and won't be available until early 2013.

Good news: one of the reasons it's taking so long is my being very busy making, amongst other things, this series of videos for ARTE, a Franco-German TV channel. Here, I take a humourous look at the parephernalia of being British in the form of ten typical objects, from tea-cosies to plug sockets. Enjoy!

*By the way, "Germany: A Travellers' Anthology" is a working title - i.e. I can't think of anything better. A pint is available for an idea that leads to something less... clinical, for want of a better word...