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Dieses Blog begann auf Deutsch - im Archiv befinden sich eine ganze Reihe von Texten über das Engländersein in Deutschland - von 2008 bis 2011 sortiert. 2008-2009 wurden zudem Video-Berichterstattungen auf Deutsch zum Thema hier veröffentlicht.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Beyond the Forests

After months of word lists, spider diagrams, association games and all sorts of other nonsense during my odd moments to spare, I have agreed with my publisher on a title for our collection of English-language writing about Germany. The book to look out for in early 2013 will be called Germany: Beyond the Forests - A travellers' anthology.

Excitingly, we also know roughly what the cover will look like. We settled on Neuschwannstein because it represents so much both about how foreigners see Germany and how Germany sees itself: at first glance, it's a typical piece of medieval gothic, a place of knights and legends, part of the mythical Germanic past that has been at times both attractive and repulsive, both to English speakers and to Germans themselves. A closer look reveals, however, that the whole thing is a gigantic fake built by a madman, harking back to a bygone era that never existed in that form.

That, I can say at this stage, is already the core of the anthology: by looking at a wide range of views of Germany over a five-hundred-year period, my book will show just how some of the classic ideas about Germany came about, catching myths in the moment of their creation.

There will be more news on the authors included, and the exact date of publication, soon. Also, in the coming weeks, I'll be giving you faithful Lost in Deutschland fans a few more tasters from some of the writers who will be featured.