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Saturday, 30 March 2013

March Taster Extract: Addison in Germany

The word "taster" is by no means out of place for Joseph Addison, who seems to have spent much of his time on a royal grant in Europe sampling a wide varieties of clarets, Bordeaux, ports, madeiras, and such like.

Following time in Switzerland and the Dresden, Addison spent March 1703 in Hamburg before returning thence to Britain. Perhaps his ardour in drinking to "her Majestie's" health had more than a little to do with the fact that, with the death of William III in 1702, he had lost his (sizeable) stipend from the crown; did he hope that Queen Anne might prove willing to fund his gout-inducing lifestyle...?

Hamburg, March 1703

My Lord,
I canno longer deny my-self the honour of troubling your Lordship with a Letter tho Hamburg has yet furnish me with very few materials for it. The great Business of the place is commerce and Drinking: as their chief commoditie, at least which I am best acquainted with, is Rhenish wine. The they have in such prodigious Quantities that there is yet no sensible dimunition of it tho Mr Perrot and my-self have bin among ‘em above a Weeek. The principal curisotie of the town and what is more visited than any other I have met with in my Travails is a great cellar filld with this kind of Liquor. It holds more Hogsheads than others can bottles and I believe is capable of receiving into it a whole Vintage of the Rhine. By this cellar stands the little English Chappel which your Lordship may well suppose is not all-together soe much frequented by our Countrymen as the other. I must however do ‘em Justice as they are all of ‘em Loyal Sons of th Chruch of England to assure your Lordship that her Majestie can have no Subjects in any part of her Dominions that pray more heartily for her Health or drink to it oftener. We are this Evening to take a Bottle with Mr Wyche and Strafford. To draw us in they tell us it shall be my Lord Winchelsea’s Health. Idare not let you know, My Lord, how often we have already made this an Excuse for a meeting least at the same time that I would show our Zeal for your lordship I should give you a very small opinion of our Sobrietie: But as all here are extremely disappointed in not having the honour of your company at Hambourg they think this the only way they have left of showing their high Esteem for your Lordship. I hoped my stay at Hambourg would have given me occasion to have written a much Longer Letter but as I can find no better a subject to entertain your Lordship with I am sensible I have already made it too long. I am my Lord with all possible respect
Your Lordship’s &c.